No problem! We have two amazing Realtors that work on our team that would love to help you find a lot. They will be able to tell you what lot will fit the home that you are wanting to build. They can also show you lots that may not be listed and privately owned by JQB Construction.

That is a complicated question. We would need to meet with you to see your plan and make sure it is feasible to build on the lot you may have. We also would have to figure out if the house can fit your budget. This question is based on a lot of factors, but give us a call. We would love to meet with you and make your dream a reality.

We have two Realtors that work on our team and can help guide you through each and every step. They will help you find a great house plan to fit your needs, a fabulous piece of land and guide you through every step of the home building process.

Yes! Making changes can affect your budget, but we have an amazing interactive home planning process that allows you to customize many aspects of your home including things like fixtures, flooring, colors and more.