JQB Construction Background

JQB Construction is not just a company, we are a team. Quinn Bellmer is the owner and has built over 400 homes totaling over $100,000,000 in sales since 2004. He has accomplished this by employing the best subcontractors in the area. Quinn oversees all projects on a daily basis and makes sure everything is done to perfection and running on schedule. From the first time you meet him, you will know that he has a real passion for home building. His personalized attention to every detail and a commitment to the finest in quality and craftsmanship has been the keys to success in building new homes for families in Columbia. JQB Construction has 15 to 20 homes under construction at any given time.

The team also consists of two highly qualified Realtors to help guide you through the home buying and building process. Tyler Singleton and Marisa Hagler have many years of combined experience to help you through every step of the way.

At JQB Construction, we take pride in our carefully coordinated building process that makes the home building experience enjoyable and rewarding. We take a personalized approach to guide you through every step of the process from our initial meetings, through establishing a budget, finding the ideal home site, designing your plan and constructing your home. Many of our customers tell us that they have some ideas about what they desire in a new home design, but just don't know where to start. We have many popular home designs that you can review and even modify to meet your specific wants and needs.

Residential Construction Experts

We have a wide variety of slab homes for you to choose from. All of our floor plans have a great open layout for entertaining. We have homes with both three and four bedroom designs and split bedroom designs.

Our walkout floor plans include homes that are both two story and three story. We have plans for even the largest of families with up to six bedrooms available. All our plans feature an open layout and plenty of space.

Company Specialties

JQB Construction specializes in the construction of brand new residential homes, custom built homes and complete real estate developments.

New Homes
Custom Homes

Home Building Process

The first step of your home building process is to pick out a house plan. We have many great designs for you to choose from. We have a variety of plans for both slab homes and walkout foundations. If you see something you like in one home, you can always choose to put it in the plan that you like. Our features are totally interchangeable from one house to the next. After choosing your house plan, you will be provided with a complete interactive allowance sheet that allows you to fully customize your dream home. This also allows you to keep your home on budget.

Now that you've chosen your plan, it is time to prepare your home site and pour the foundation. The site is cleared of rocks, debris and trees. It is then leveled and wooded forms are put in. Footings are installed to provide support for your house. If you have a basement, it is dug out and the foundation walls are poured. If you have a slab, the footings are dug and poured. The utilities are then run and the slab is poured. The foundation needs time to cure after being poured. After it has time to cure, a waterproofing membrane is applied to the walls.

Your house has taken it's shape with the foundation, so now it is time to move on to the next step. Framing will provide your house with it's skeleton. The exterior walls and roof have plywood or oriented strand board applied to them. The windows and exterior doors will be installed in this step. You will begin to see your house coming to life! The house is then wrapped in a protective barrier that prevents water from getting through.

It is now time for electrical and plumbing work. Pipes and wires will be run through the interior walls, ceilings and floors. Bathtubs and one-piece showers will also be installed in this step. The HVAC system will be installed. This is for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and furnace. The vent pipes for this system are installed through the roof. Once the roof is on, the electrician installs outlets, lights and switches. Other wiring for things like phones and TV is also installed in this step.

Insulation is very important for your house in improving your home's energy efficiency. The performance of the insulation is referred to as the R-value. This indicates how well it resists heat transfer. The exterior walls, attic and any floors above unfinished basements are insulated. The most common types of insulation are fiberglass, cellulose and foam. Once the insulation is in place, it is time for the drywall. It is hung and taped and primer is applied. Your home is really coming along now!

It is now time to install your floors. Ceramic tile, wood flooring and carpet are installed according to your specifications. You will see the interior trim go in as well as cabinets, vanities, fireplace mantels and more. These little finishes are what will really make your house start to feel like a home. We make sure that the installation of even the smallest things is nothing short of perfection. We want to make your dream home a reality.

Wow! It's now time for painting. The end is near and the excitement of moving in is upon you. We will paint each room in your home according to the colors you chose. We want to make it perfect for your move-in day. During this time, you will also see mirrors, doors and other finish work happening. Your exterior landscaping will be going in as your home is perfected. Now gather up all your things and move in to this beautiful masterpiece!

What Our Clients Say

  • "After meeting with several builders in the Columbia area, we made the decision to work with JQB because they made the process very simple and easy to understand. We also looked at multiple homes and realized the amazing quality that Quinn Bellmer puts into his homes. We love our home and we tell everyone about JQB Construction and would choose them again."

    Elizabeth & James
    Columbia, MO

  • "We have now built two homes with JQB Construction since 2006. Both experiences have been a complete pleasure and there is no other builder in Columbia that we would choose over Quinn Bellmer. Our homes were built on schedule and did not exceed budget. All of our questions were answered quickly and any issues we had got resolved in a timely manner."

    Paula & Derick
    Columbia, MO